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2013 Roadtrek RS E-TREK

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Stock Number:1654
Engine:3.0 Mercedes Benz
Fuel Type:Diesel
Class:Class B
Length:22' 9"
Exterior:Charcoal (Full Body Paint)
Interior:Grey Leather
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Find new places to explore with this 2013 Roadtrek RS E-Trek. Offering over 22 feet of length in a charcoal full body paint, this new Class B boasts smooth grey leather and comfortable sleeping space for up to 4 guests!

The New RS E-trek!!!
All Electric Coach
Greater Functionality without Propane or a Conventional Generator - while being Kinder to the Environment!

This new industry-leading model incorporates the latest technology into the best-selling class B platform - the renowned Mercedes Sprinter with BlueTEC technology and bio-diesel fuel capability.

Using our latest approach to design, the van provides campers and travelers with greater ability to be independent by having full capability while dry camping for extended periods - all while being environmentally conscious. There has never been an RV like this.

The environmentally responsible E-trek is all electric with no loss of functionality. And it requires no compromise. The owner can utilize the benefits without being an RV or electrical expert.

There is no propane system or conventional generator. Heat comes from an industry-leading Webasto diesel powered combination water heater and furnace. Electrical power generation is provided by a 3500 watt generator mounted to the van�s diesel engine that can charge eight dead auxiliary batteries in only 40 minutes. Supplemental power comes from a 240 watt solar charging system and an optional 140 watt EFOY methanol fuel cell generator. For less weight and even faster charging times, two lithium ion batteries are optional.

All this reserve power is stored in up to eight 6 volt AGM batteries (1600 amp. hours) and distributed directly to 12 volt lights and appliances and through a 5000 watt inverter to 110 volt appliances like the air conditioner, inductive stove, instant drinking water heater and convection/microwave oven. The system features surge protection, power monitoring, battery minder/balancer, and solar charge controller.

Just imagine the possibilities. If you don�t need air conditioning, you can go for days without an external electrical connection (shore power). And when your batteries do run low, you can charge them up fully by simply idling the engine for 30-40 minutes using less fuel than a conventional generator to do the same task. Plus the engine has pollution controls while a conventional generator does not. Just eliminating the propane generator has a big impact on the environment.

When it is hot, the auxiliary batteries will run the 110 volt air conditioner with the compressor on for over 9 hours � and longer under normal use when the compressor runs only intermittently. No more "boon docking" (dry camping) on hot nights with the generator running all night! You can run the 110 volt air conditioner with the engine mounted generator for supplemental cooling while driving � for much less than the cost of running a conventional generator. Plus you avoid the maintenance required on a conventional generator. Enjoy comfort heating without the noise of a propane furnace. And never refill a propane tank again!

Plus the E-trek is built using the most environmentally conscious materials that are e-certified and manufactured using high levels of recycled materials.

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